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  Tadpole     456
  Taking The Sin Out Of The Cinema     1563
  Talk Shows....     1388
  Talley's Folly     467
  Taming Of The Shrew Vs. 10 Things I Hate About You     487
  TAMPOPO     596
  Taoism in Fight Club     974
  Tarantino:-narrative structure     1131
  Taxi Driver     496
  Taxi Driver (screenplay revised by Scorsese)     565
  Taxi driver compared to the searchers     1696
  Taxi Driver: an offspring of the “noir” genre.     2469
  Taxi_Driver     948
  Tchaikovsky     2884
  Teachers     450
  Tears of The Sun     1284
  Technological Film History Analysis on Titanic     2032
  Technology and the Development of Film     3666
  Technology in Film     2480
  Technology’s Impact in our Str     675
  Ted Turner\'s Cultural Significance     2915
  Televised Executions     536
  Television     366
  Television     1794
  Television Addiction     909
  Television Has Kids Mesmerized     1058
  Television In Society     1600
  Television In Todays Society     973
  Television Influences Behaviors     425
  Television Or Newspapers: Where Should We Be Getting Our News?     588
  Television Shows Reflect American Culture     1061
  Television Violence     2793
  Television Violence     667
  Television Violence: A Dilemma     859
  Television's Impact On Children     916
  Television: Candy For The Mind     531
  Televison Causes Violence     905
  Ten Things Review     659
  Tender At The Bone     2322
  Tenesee Williams     503
  Tennesse Williams     1039
  Terminator     531
  Terminator     915
  Terminator 2 and Eastenders     1928
  Terrance Mann and the Hero Journey     530
  Textual Analysis     1484
  The Hours     481
  The 1950's New Hero As Seen In The Film The Cruel Sea     2540
  The 45th Annual Grammy\\\'s     760
  The 60\\\'s     2368
  The Adventures Of Ozzie And Harriet     673
  The Aesthetic Ideal In The Picture Of Dorian Gray By Oscar Wilde     3731
  The Affects Of Globalization On Music     1798
  The Affects Of Music On Children     2215
  The American Aesthetic     740
  The American Dream     1902
  The Appeal of Traditional Literature on Writers of Film     2030
  The Art Of Theatre     405
  The Awakenings     990
  The Barbershop     575
  The Baroque Era     612
  The battle of good against evil in the heroic movie, Indiana     878
  The Battleship Potemkin     2388
  The Bealtes     1899
  The Bean Trees     580
  The Beatles     929
  The Beatles     745
  The Beatles     1272
  The Beatles     967
  The Bicycle Thief     506
  The Bicycle Thief     814
  The Big Chill     429
  The Big Chill: Symbolism     418
  The Big Random     717
  The Big Red One     975
  the Big Red One     972
  The Big Win     639
  The Birds     1169
  The Birds     1319
  The birds (movie) compared to The Birds (short story)     1075
  The birth of a nation     817
  The black robe     553
  The Blot compared to The Wild Party     2149
  The Blue Angel     480
  The Blue Room     536
  The Blues Had A Baby And They Named It Rock And Roll     3324
  The Bond Epic     3512
  The Bone Collector     895
  the bone collector     2210
  The Breakfast Club     1303
  The Breakfast Club     835
  The Broadway Musical In The 1940s     1389
  The Brood/The Changling     1107
  The Brother Mc Mullen     542
  The cain mutiny     1688
  The Catcher In Elsinore: Hamlet [2000] An Analysis     2290
  The Ccnnection Between African American Women and Music     1726
  The Cello     690
  The Chicago Movement     2489
  The Cider House Rules     1271
  The Classical Era     1299
  The Clock: The Little Film From a Big Studio     661
  The Color of Paradise     313
  The Color of Paradise: A Critical Analysis     869
  The color purple     415
  The Color Purple     1803
  The Commitments     893
  The Committed Commitment     780
  The Compare And Contrast Of Oedipus And Hamlet     523
  The Connection Between Music And The Musician     1945
  The Conspiracy Against Fantasy     1199
  The Contender     612
  The Cotton Club     755
  The Cowboys     316
  The Crucible     316
  The Crucible     900
  The Crucible     715
  The Crucible     735
  The Crucible     1157
  The Crucible     369
  The Crucible – Use Of Language     1066
  The Crying Game     1424
  The Cuban Swimmer     907
  The Dark Side of the Rainbow     2195
  THE DEAD     1084
  The Deer Hunter     612
  The Deer Hunter     443
  The Defining Similarities and Contrasts of James Cole’s Worl     807
  The Detective Conventions     1256
  The Direct Connection Between Class And Language As Seen In The Movie Cruel Intentions     1911
  The Dreaming Tree     343
  The Driver     824
  The Editing Styles Of Grifith, Vertov, And Eisenstein     856
  The Effect Of Media On Children     1714
  The Effect of Picture Palaces on the Film Industry     2782
  The Effects Of African American Influences On Rock Music Through History     1967
  The Elements that Prove Fordo is Heroic     900
  The Elephant Man - The Film     808
  The Evolution Of Rap Music     2220
  The Fall Of King Oedipus     2066
  The Farm Angola     1010
  The fighting temptations     642
  The Firm     715
  The fisher king     540
  The Flute     331
  The Forgotten King     1020
  The Fugitive     368
  The full monty     1417
  The Future Of Music     1507
  The Game     1049
  The Game     598
  The Gangster Genre - Goodfellas and Little Caesar     1219
  The Genius Of An Alfred Hitchcock Plot     542
  The Genre Of Horrors     481
  The Gladiator     1669
  The Gladiator     1635
  The Glass Manegerie     1193
  The Glass Menagerie     840
  The Glass Menagerie     1357
  The God father     770
  The Godfather     2630
  The Godfather Movie Vs. Book     1597
  The Godfather: A movie Review     801
  The Godfather: Mafia Murder, True to Form     892
  The Golden Age of Hollywood Movies     778
  The Golden Era: Factors which shaped the Hollywood System     1688
  The good, The Bad and The Ugly     267
  The Graduate     643
  The Graduate     1893
  The Graduate     1060
  The Graduate filming     1793
  The Grateful Dead     1922
  The Great Gatsby Film Critique     1146
  The Great Stone Face - The Films of Buster Keaton     1066
  The Green Fields     469
  The Green Mile     212
  The Green Mile     874
  The Green Mile - Symbolism     841
  The Green Mile - Symbolism     886
  The Green Mile And William Falukner     475
  The Heiress     300
  The Hero Cycle: Finding Nemo     843
  The Historical Roots Of New Orlean\'s     1187
  The Historics Of Greek Theatre     2321
  The History Of Hollywood     2557
  The history of Pancho Villa     503
  The History Of Rock And Roll     1510
  The History Of Television     1700
  The History Of The Beatles     2064
  The History of the RMS Titanic Reincarnated by The Titanic     611
  The Hours     481
  The Hustler: More than a Sports Movie     1786
  The Ice Storm: A Bit Too Nippy For Me     969
  The Ideology of Fargo     1267
  The Importance of being Earnest     345
  The Influence Of Rap     869
  The Influence Of The Witches Over Macbeth     941
  The Italian American Movie     1518
  The Italian Job     1493
  The Joy Luck Club     1224
  The Joy Luck Club A Semiotic Critique     1560
  The Killing Fields     823
  The Killing Fields     568
  The King     686
  The Lack Of Minorities On Prime Time Television     1092
  The Lady from Shanghai: a film noir     517
  The Laramie Project     693
  The Last Castle     871
  The Last Days     747
  The Last of the Mohicans     292
  The last of the mohicans     717
  The Last Samurai     363
  The lessons of life     304
  The Life And Times Of The Piano Forte     3130
  The Life Of Music Of Sarah Vaughan     1031
  The Life Of Tupac Shakur     1619
  The Light     720
  The Lineup     595
  The Little Colonel     787
  The Little House On Pierre     414
  The Little Mermaid: A Feministic Perspective     1081
  The Lord of the Rings     296
  The Lord Of The Rings: The Twin Towers Music Critique     246
  The Lord Of The Rings:The Fellowship Of The Ring     692
  The Lost Boys     653
  The Magic Of Magicians     1187
  The Male Gaze     3430
  The Maltese Falcon     1096
  The Maltese Falcon     547
  The Maltese Falcon     577
  The Man From Snowy River (Arena Spectacular)     496
  The Man in a Case     994
  The man who shot liberty valance     1625
  The Manchurian Candidate     599
  The Manchurian Candidate and Ideology     1390
  The Manchurian Site     922
  The Mandatory Usage Of Seatbelts     1158
  The Mask Of Zorro     578
  The Master Of Black Humor     603
  The Matrix     636
  The Matrix     3309
  The Matrix     1269
  The Matrix     270
  The Matrix     1122
  The Matrix     480
  The Matrix     1014
  The Matrix     576
  The Matrix - values of our society     866
  The Matrix And Its Contents     823
  The Matrix and Jesus     624
  The Matrix and Terminator Connection     2892
  The Matrix Breakdown     516
  The Matrix Ideas/Themes     287
  The Matrix Vs Warren Robinett     842
  The matrix within out culture     1157
  The Matrix: Reloaded - linear vs cyclic reality     834
  The matrix: symbolism     1015
  The Matrix: The Star Wars of the new generation?     460
  The Matrix: Themes Picked for the Audience     1659
  The Matrix?     361
  The Meaning of Sankofa     563
  The media and its affect on the films we see     7520
  The Media\'s Influence On Style     525
  The Media\'s Influence On Style     525
  The Middle Passage     1128
  The Mission     1067
  The motion picture indusrt and its effects     2033
  The movie Awakenings     432
  The movie “American An Overview of “American Beauty” and How     2144
  The Movie Kids Has Impacted My Life....     254
  The Movie Spartacus     553
  The Mummy     1002
  The Name of the Rose     567
  The Narrator Vs. Dr. Treves     1025
  The Natural     799
  The New Planet Of The Apes     994
  The Nutty Professor     420
  The Nymph And The Landslide     987
  The O.C     374
  The Odd Couple (female Version)     1093
  The Odyssey     2482
  The Official Story (Argentina)     268
  the one     757
  The Opera     951
  The Opera, La Bohem     2429
  The Origins Of \“Sopranospeak\“     730
  The Osbournes Vs. The White Race     884
  The Oscars     622
  The Oscars     688
  The Other Sister     384
  The Outsiders     957
  The Overcoat     415
  The Paper     650
  The Parable of the Matrix     3579
  The Parody     1366
  The Passion of the Christ     710
  The passion of the christ     441
  The Passion of the Christ     499
  The Passion of the Christ movie review     1098
  The Passion of the Christ:: A comparison with the Gospels     1673
  The Patriot     655
  The patriot     2213
  The Patriot     522
  The Patriot     522
  The Patriot     882
  The Patriot     888
  The Patriot     283
  The Patriot (Hollywood vs. History)     616
  The Pearl: Music     1167
  The Perfect Storm     596
  The Phenomenon that is James Bond     766
  The Pianist     800
  The Pianist     407
  The Pianist a review     1267
  The Piano     382
  The Platoon and Sands of Iwo Jima     1147
  The Portrait of Dorian Gray     589
  The Portrayal of Women in Sooraj Barjatya Movies     2874
  The Portrayal of Women in the Movie Traffic     1296
  The Power of One     291
  The Power of One Film Review     590
  The Power Of The Majority     881
  The Price Of Love     1377
  The Pride In The Crucible     820
  The Production Code     1022
  The Professional     1298
  The Psychological analysis of     524
  The Psychological Aspects of Disney's     1144
  The psychology of good will hunting     812
  The Rain Man     367
  The Raisin In Sun Movie And Book Compare And Contrast     309
  The Recruit     349
  The Red Badge of Courage     469
  The Red Violin     520
  The Relationships In Tootsie     574
  The Relevance of Erin Brockovich to Environmental Issues on     1099
  The Representation Of The “Bond Girl“     3588
  The representation of Women in the Horror Genre     835
  The Revisionist Western     1538
  The Rise Of The Gangster Disciples     1080
  The Road Warrior/Heroism     930
  The Rock     673
  The Rock Drops     1591
  The Role Of Television     513
  The Rookie     1184
  The Sandlot     672
  The Saxophone     385
  The Scarlett     1216
  The Scent of a Woman     1003
  The School For Scandal     282
  The Searcher     671
  The semiotics of Amelie     704
  The Seven Year Itch     353
  The Seventh Seal     760
  The Shape Of Things     342
  The Shaw Shank Redemption     807
  The Shawshank Redemption     565
  The Shawshank Redemption     377
  The Shawshank Redemption     1516
  The Shawshank Redemption     597
  The Shawshank Redemption movie     451
  The Shawshank Redemtion     1033
  The Shinning     721
  The Shipping News     465
  the siege     783
  The silence of the Lambs     1203
  The Simpleton As Wise Man: Tom Hanks As Forrest     1610
  The Sixth Sense     1058
  The Sixth Sense Essay     388
  The Snake Pit     580
  The social commentary behind the humor of The Breakfast Club     698
  The Sound of Waves     269
  The Sounds of Apocalypse Now     876
  The Statues Of David     775
  The Story and Character Of The GodFather     362
  The Strike by Sergei Eisenstein     1101
  The struggle between the self and the other     1688
  The Subordinate Strange ‘Savage’ versus the Superior Success     5435
  The Symbolism in the movie 'Cast Away'     547
  The Taming of the Shrew     2094
  The taming of the shrew     1132
  The Tango     391
  The Tempest     841
  The Tension Between Passion And Reason Is Central To Many Works From Ancient Greece     1943
  The Terminator     555
  The terminator micro reading     3115
  The testament reaction     445
  The texas chainsaw massacre     1575
  The Texas Chainsaw Massacre: A Suprisingly Good Remake     973
  The Thing Review     567
  The Third Man     730
  The Third Man     976
  The Third Man     1475
  The Time Machine     1478
  The Tragedy of Film Remakes     1694
  The True Meaning Of Adaptation     670
  The Truman Show     362
  The Truman Show + Themes     1245
  The Turman Show     1191
  The Twelfth Night     551
  The Unforgiven     692
  The Unlimited Truth     1141
  The Use of Color in Star Wars     417
  The Use of Micro Strategies in Apocalypse Now Redux     695
  The Vim and Vitality of Vertical Limit     545
  The Virgin Mary Of England     359
  The Virgin Spring     694
  the wall     829
  The Warrior Code and the Way     1160
  The Watermelon Man.     398
  The wave     392
  The Way Of The World     1602
  The Western Genre Film     1181
  The White Season     500
  The Wilderness Idea     798
  The Witness     259
  The Wonderful World Inside Us     1492
  The World Of Rock     1465
  The wrong man, Hitchcock     2119
  The Yearling     866
  Theatre And Its Consequences     1135
  Thelma & Louise/Steel Magnolias     2628
  Thelma and Louise     536
  Thelma And Louise     995
  Thelma and Louise Thelma Dickinson Analysis     1107
  Thelma and Louise: The story of the Antihero     966
  thematrix     1249
  Theme in DRIVING MISS DAISY     315
  Theme of One Flew Over the Cuckoo\'s Nest     945
  Theme Of Training Day     1209
  Themes in American Beauty     524
  Themes in Goodfellas     976
  There is nothing new in cinema anymore     948
  They Don't Care Where You Were Born Just How     629
  Thieve     1065
  Thinner Critique     839
  Thirteen Analysis     551
  Thirteen Day     488
  Thirteen Days     1233
  This is Spinal Tap     704
  Thomasina Clay     662
  Thoroughly Modern Millie     343
  Three Is A Crowd: Kane, Leland, And Bernstein In Citizen Kane     1467
  Three Kings     287
  Through The Children: E.T.     1079
  Till Marriage Do Us Part     901
  Time to Kill analysis     656
  Timecop: The New Western     2306
  titanic     2089
  Titanic And Communications     579
  Titantic     602
  To be or not to be... Shakespeare?     1363
  To Dream, or Not to Dream     1737
  To Kill a Mocking bird     922
  To Kill A Mockingbird     690
  To Kill A Mockingbird Movie     804
  Topics In Film     848
  TORA TORA TORA     639
  Tora! Tora! Tora!     1709
  Tortilla Soup     328
  Total Eclipse Film Analysis     945
  Toy Story     1697
  Toy Story Analysis     1693
  Tradition: Fiddler on the Roof     356
  Tragic Reason Within The Quotation Marks     782
  Training Day     1845
  Training Day analysis paper     801
  Trainspotting     536
  Transexuals     441
  Transformation of text:     3467
  Trapped     530
  trash talk shows     1390
  Treasure Island     739
  Treasure Of Sierra Madre     711
  Treatment of Mexico and/or Mexicans in Magnificent seven     3720
  Trembling Before G-D     439
  Trifles     1331
  Trifles     1681
  Trifles     888
  Trifles     750
  Trigun     773
  Trip To Bountiful     346
  Trojan Women     684
  True Grit     854
  True love meets the parents     1359
  Truman     1162
  truman     692
  Truman Show     1029
  Truman Show     2688
  Truman Show     1444
  Truman Show Analysis     2571
  Tucker     941
  Tupac     2224
  Tupac Amaru Shaker     2405
  Tupac Shakur     548
  Tupac Vs. Biggie     3994
  Tuskegee University     641
  Tusks Of Vietnam: Analogy Of Heart Of Darkness And Apocalypse Now     1504
  TV     208
  Tv And Child Behavor     2993
  TV Changed My Life     394
  Tv History     1147
  tv shows     380
  TV shows: 1950's vs. 2003     802
  TV soap opera genre: Coronation Street and Klan     624
  TV violence     2038
  TV Violence     656
  TV Violence     668
  TV Violence     540
  Tv Violence     2853
  Twelve Angry Men     408
  Twelve Angry Men     642
  Twelve Angry Men Essay     1141
  Twelve Angry Men Juror 3     723
  Twelve Angry Men Juror 3     722
  Twenty Eight Days Later     817
  Twisted Twister     449
  Twister: How Science is Used and Misused     384
  Two Men with a Wardrobe     1076
  Two Towers     1579
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