Movie Essays and Papers
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  Amistad     1023
  Naughty-but-nice criminality prevails throughout Chicago     5174
  A Beautiful Mind     720
  A Beautiful Mind     369
  A Beautiful Mind     762
  A Beautiful Mind     1178
  A beutiful mind     900
  a biased look into the heart     1154
  A Brave New World     1043
  A Bronx Tale     909
  A Bronx Tale     1352
  A Buffalo and a Soldier     891
  A Civil Action     741
  A Climb to the Top     789
  A Clockwork Orange     1482
  A clockwork orange     2894
  A Clockwork Orange     888
  A Clockwork Orange     385
  A Clockwork Orange – Watch a Science Fiction and write an an     599
  A comparison between Wilfred Owens pomes and the movie “All     744
  A comparison of E.T. and the New Testament     885
  A Comparison of Psycho and Halloween     434
  A Comparison Of The Classical Era And The Jazz Era     2090
  A Critique of Friends in American Culture     2231
  A Critique of Stephen King on Why We Crave Horror Movies     464
  A Day In The Life Of Philip Henslowe     1336
  A Doll House     1037
  A Doll's House     1947
  A Doll's House     485
  A Doll's House     944
  A Doll's House     637
  A Doll's House     401
  A Doll's House     542
  A Doll's House     316
  A Doll's House Essay     647
  A Doll's House, Play Critique     1743
  A Dolls House     3023
  A Dolls House Review     1139
  A Fairy Tale Romance     1334
  A Few Good Men     373
  A Few Good Men     616
  A Few Good Men     483
  A Few Good Men     554
  A Few Good Men     1014
  A Few Good Men     1014
  A Fitting End     1894
  A Funny Thing Happend On The Way To The Forum     556
  A Genre and Narrative analysis of American Beauty     1203
  A Hanging     861
  A Hard Day's Night review     1088
  A Knights Tale     538
  A League of Their Own     608
  A League Of Their Own     650
  A look at Abnormal Psychology     634
  A Man For All Seaons     564
  A Marvelously Dire Addiction:     890
  A Matter of Forced Salvation:     2802
  A Midsummer Night's Dream     271
  A Midsummer Night\\\'s Dream     585
  A Musical Betrayal     558
  A Nation Within     2082
  A Native Classic     429
  A Night At the Movies     748
  A Passage to India     500
  A Perfect World     549
  A Personal Response for Kenneth Branagh's Hamlet     964
  A Perspective On Kill Bill     1281
  A Place in the World     534
  A Portrait of Neil Simon     1212
  A Punk Hero     713
  A Question of Silence     917
  A Raisin In the Sun     886
  A Raison in the Sun     1845
  A Review of Ibsen's     1718
  A Review of Mother Night     772
  A River Runs Through It     664
  A Room With A View     534
  A Satire Violence Is The Answer.     1042
  A Screening Report on Blade Runner     537
  A Short Guide to Popular Indian Cinema     1955
  A Sociological Analysis of Antz     766
  A Sociological Approach To The Simpsons     708
  A Story About Seeing MxPx     688
  A Streetcar Named Desire     847
  A Streetcar Named Desire Analysis     1604
  A Study of Consuming Hunger: how images construct reality     723
  A Study of The Naked Gun     845
  A Tale of Two Cities     887
  A thin red line "little hope"     589
  A Time To Kill: Black Vs White     759
  A Tribe's Travels Through the Path's of Rhythm     1361
  A Visual analysis of Aliens     859
  A Walk to Remember     325
  A Wench In The Works     1694
  A Whole New Point of View on Volpone     969
  A World Without Animation     280
  About a Boy     801
  About a boy     586
  About A Boy     806
  About last night     872
  About Schmitt     385
  abuse of power in clockwork or     955
  Accented Cinema     291
  Act Of Playing God Can Have Terrible Results (Frankenstein)     1508
  Acting     321
  Action Movie Classifications     793
  Actors In Action     811
  Adaptation     662
  Adolescent Behavior in E.T.     1840
  Advertising In The Times Picyuane     1911
  African Music     1463
  African Sanctus     1880
  African-American Musical Development     3547
  Agamemnon     1328
  Airport     544
  Alabama Concert Report     887
  Alabama Isn't Reality But It Sure Is Sweet!     1478
  Alfred Hitchcock     1739
  Alfred Hitchcock The Rope     1069
  Alfred Hitchcock: The Life     2467
  Alfred Hitchcock: The Master Of Psychological Suspense     1872
  Alfred Hitchock     936
  Alice’s Adventures In Wonderland And Through The Looking Gla     370
  Alienation and Reification of Hunter     1633
  Alienation in 2001: A Space Od     373
  Aline Bernstein     2508
  All American Jazz Music     501
  All My Sons     707
  All or Nothing     1140
  All Quiet on the Western Front     574
  All Quiet on the Western Front     688
  All Quiet on the western front     784
  All Quiet on the Western Front     416
  All That Jazz     331
  All the President     809
  All You Need Is A Leader     1104
  Allan Stratton     488
  Allusions Of Atheism     1214
  Almost a Man     466
  Almost Famous     753
  Almost Famous     959
  Almost Famous Opening sequence     978
  Amadeus     1115
  Amadeus     1993
  Amadeus     883
  Amadeus     472
  Amadeus     1384
  Amadeus and Immortal Beloved review     398
  Amadeus classism     554
  Amadeus Reflection     974
  Ambiguity of Film     2880
  Amedues Review     1706
  Amelie     1487
  America History X     1081
  America Play Interpretation     334
  America:Living and Breathing in Fear     711
  American Beauty     610
  American Beauty     285
  American Beauty     616
  American Beauty     1001
  American Beauty     1432
  American beauty     840
  American Beauty     1172
  American Beauty     557
  American Beauty     1644
  American Beauty     1128
  American Beauty     1374
  American Beauty     713
  American Beauty     1355
  American Beauty     1577
  American Beauty     1033
  American Beauty     1190
  American Beauty     2253
  American Beauty     773
  American Beauty - scene     679
  American Beauty and French Impressionism     1206
  American Beauty- an essay of symbolism     2086
  American Beauty..Look Closer     196
  American Beauty/Leave It To Beaver     2528
  American Beauty: Superficiality     1375
  American Brass Bands     1000
  American Cinema And The Vietnam War     3466
  American culture and "Taxi Dri     896
  American Graffiti     1256
  American Graffiti     1224
  American History X     2155
  American History X     1371
  American History X     940
  American History X     756
  American history X     1118
  American History X     1190
  American History X     1393
  American History X     1348
  American History X     1008
  American History X     364
  American History X     432
  American History X     736
  American History X vs Higher Learning     594
  American History X Film Study     1430
  American History X Ideas     1172
  American History X Opening Sequence     428
  American History X Review     529
  American History X- review paper     664
  American History X2: A disgusted response to the movie     1376
  American Pie     880
  American screenwriter, Syd Field said that a good film will     1215
  american splendor     262
  American Warpath     341
  American's Hero     2669
  Amish     1040
  Amistad     592
  Amistad     318
  Amistad     437
  Amistad     481
  Amistad     614
  Amistad     653
  Amistad Bible Scene     976
  Amistad review     714
  An Adaptation Of Romeo And Juliet     2893
  An American Classic     272
  An analysis of actor Burt Reynolds.     1432
  An Analysis Of Gladiator     1594
  An Analysis Of What Is Real     3019
  An Enemy Of The People     804
  An In-depth Analysis of the Socio Political and Economic Conditions of the Production of Three Kings     4650
  An Inquiry In How the Practice of Cryonics Effects Identity     1755
  An Inspector Calls     1239
  An Inspector Calls     861
  An oral commentary on the Film Welcome to Sarajevo     1460
  An Overview of “American Beauty” and How it Portrays America     2159
  An overview of Wireless Networks WLAN     1449
  Analyse in detail the use of film techniques/film style in t     1599
  Analyse Thelma and Louise     512
  Analysis Of 10 Children's Plays     4915
  Analysis of a sequence from \     1641
  Analysis of American Psycho     1109
  Analysis of Burt Reynolds     1435
  Analysis of Changes     1050
  Analysis of film The Untouchables     2833
  Analysis of John Proctor in     315
  Analysis of Juror #3 in Twelve Anrgy Men     726
  Analysis of Mark Pellington     2774
  Analysis of Romeo and Juliet     621
  Analysis of Steven Spiel......     438
  Analysis of the Allemande from the English Suite No 3 in G minor.(J.S Bach)     1742
  Analysis Of The Four Cinematic Styles Seen In \'Requiem For A Dream\'     2672
  Analysis of The Magnificent Seven     3147
  Analysis of The Office     636
  Analysis of Two Dance Works     1481
  Analysis Of Two Films Directed By Mira Nair     1838
  Analysis on “Un Chien Andalou”(“An Andalusion Dog”) 1928     1398
  Analysis the Introduction To Romeo and Juliet     595
  Analytical Response: “PROOF“ Starring Hugo Weaving     728
  Analytical Review of the movie Pearl Harbor     639
  Analyze Class And Power Distinctions In Jamaican Culture?     644
  Analyze LOTF     455
  Analyzing In the Bedroom     723
  Analyzing Music     1632
  Analyzing Steven King's     890
  Analyzing strange days, battle royale, and the hole     1431
  Ancient Greek Theater     1542
  And The Band Played On     315
  And The Band Played On     474
  And Then They Came For Me     1031
  Andy Warhol     472
  Angelina Jolie An Icon To Gay/lesbian Films?     3073
  Anger Management     522
  Angie Martinaz     776
  Animal Farm     1186
  Animal Farm     513
  Animal Farm: Utopia     1020
  Anime     1347
  Anime     1209
  Anitgone     241
  Annie     291
  Annie Hall     3864
  Annotated Review:Strategic Marketing     1015
  Annual Family Holiday     1325
  Anthropolgy- Taking A Nas Song And Depicting The Meaning     1146
  Antigone     496
  Antigone     334
  Antigone     849
  Antigone     532
  Antigone     497
  Antigone     450
  Antigone     784
  Antigone     980
  Antigone     535
  Antigone     1321
  Antigone     1089
  Antigone     668
  Antigone     551
  Antigone     878
  Antigone     566
  Antigone Critique     715
  Antigone in Sophcles     1529
  Antigone Review     923
  Antigone Review     923
  Antigone's Battle     364
  Antigone's Impact On Today's Society     1352
  Antigone: The Similarities Between Creon And Oedipus Rex     825
  Antigone~Human Nature     1243
  Antonia Vivaldis “Four Seasons“     620
  Antonia's Line     1524
  Antonin Dvorak     697
  Antwone Fisher     296
  Antz     290
  Antz:a social commentary     986
  Anybody     685
  Apocalypse Darkness     785
  Apocalypse Now     926
  Apocalypse Now     1106
  Apocalypse Now     607
  Apocalypse Now     305
  Apocalypse Now     807
  Apocalypse Now Redux.     321
  Apocolypse Now     1646
  Apollo 13     257
  Apollo 13     3022
  Apollo 13     443
  Apollo 13     689
  Apollo 13 the Movie     1502
  Apt Pupil     3287
  Archetypes in Movies     567
  Are DJ’s True Artists     2317
  Are You, Really You (gattaca)     532
  Argentine Tango     1852
  Arlington Road     868
  Art Through Cinema     1300
  Arthur Miller     758
  article essay: Spike Lee movie, “Do The Right Thing”     1061
  Artificial Intelligence     511
  Artificial Intelligence Tragic Hero     696
  Artist Integrity In Film     1028
  As Good As It Gets     933
  As Good As It Gets     1092
  As Sweet a Movie as Its Title, “Peppermint Candy”     1083
  Asian American Race, Class, Gender, And Television Action: Vanishing Son And Martial Law     9463
  Aspirations To Get Ahead     825
  Assassins     1211
  Assessment of Bazin     2207
  Assignment for Video Installation and Media Analysis.     1388
  Atomic Cafe     315
  Audiences: Complex Pleasures and Problems     405
  audio-video relation in Psycho     462
  August Wilsons: The Piano Lesson     732
  Auteur Paper     591
  Auteurism     1933
  Awakenings     797
  “A sublimation of dramatic conflict into décor, colour, gest     2429
  “An Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge”     301
  “Brutality in the film A Streetcar Named Desire”     568
  “Clueless” is a very clever film     1375
  “Factory and Market Revolution: Credit Where It’s Due”     612
  “Fight Club”: Good vs. Evil or Social Ideas vs. Personal Ide     729
  “Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone,” book, compared     2094
  “High Noon” and “Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid     1388
  “O Brother, Where Art Thou?”     305
  “People are particular about films, they don’t want to be pu     2074
  “Terms of Endearment”     1257
  “The Wings of the Dove”     754
  “There is Nothing New in Cinema” discuss:     1173
  ‘A new medium always alters the nature of what is presented’     1764
  ‘Lara Croft Tomb Raider’ By ‘K     429
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