Apollo 13

This task should be complete and fully tested prior to the next launch to ensure that the same accident does not happen again. At the same time, NASA's management team should introduce a policy that would prevent a newly formed astronaut team from going into space. This policy should clearly define the process that the new team has to go through in order to be qualified to go into space. In addition, it is recommended that NASA should develop a decision-making management structure within the next year or two. This structure must ensure that the right people have the authority and the responsibility to make the right decisions. If this solution does not provide the desired outcome of improved communications and better decision-making, NASA should hire a consulting team to help them encourage brainstorming and develop an open communication environment where people would feel comfortable to express their ideas. NASA should also consider developing contingency plans and training astronauts to act in emergency situations in order to improve team cohesiveness and e



EFFECTIVE USES OF PUBLIC RELATIONS... APOLLO 13 When James Lovell announced, "Houston, we've had a problem" in April 1970, the future of the American space program--as well as the future of three ... (742 3 )

Benefits of Space Exploration... vividly explains: One thing demonstrated by the Apollo fire and the Challenger explosion (and by another near-catastrophe in mid-flight of Apollo 13 en route ... (5996 24 )

Ancient Greek Virtrues and Modern Film... Thornton's examination of Greek values includes reference to the 1970 Apollo 13 mission and the film of that name, which depicted how the abortive moon landing ... (6010 24 )

FUEL CELLS ON THE NASA SPACE SHUTTLE ORBITER... electrolyte. NASA, however, selected the alkaline fuel cell system for use in Apollo 13 and later for the space shuttle orbiter vehicles. A ... (3594 14 )

Hewlett Packard Company... 13 Chart 6Top Management (CEO) Strengths andWeaknessesHewlett Packard ... Strengths | Weaknesses | | Risk taker (acquired Apollo | Obsessed with speed in a move ... (2674 11 )

Diversity's Advantages and Disadvantages... Ivey Business Journal Online. General OneFile. Gale. Apollo Library. Retrieved July 13, 2008, from http://find.galegroup.com/ips/start.do?prodId=IPS (3750 15 )


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