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  Tango     1157
  Techno musiq     1146
  Textual Analysis     1182
  Textural differences in Bach and Shostakovich     925
  That young people becoming desensitise to voilence in media     1948
  The 70's     570
  The Apple Revised     295
  The Art of Rock and Roll: An Analysis     3491
  The Baroque Era     895
  The Beach Boys     7007
  The Beach Boys - An American Band     928
  The Beatles     3034
  The Biography of Gustav Holst     1163
  The Blues     754
  The Classical Period     2641
  The Connection Between the Music and the Musician     1929
  The controversy behind eminem     929
  The Controversy of rock lyrics     1136
  The Craft Of Songwriting     1018
  the cuban son     1218
  The Dave Matthews Band     999
  The Dawn of Women In Rock     1609
  The Day the Music Died     2255
  The Death of Notorious B.I.G     1214
  The Deviant Tone     1146
  The Different Periods of Music     359
  The Doors of Perception     543
  The Eagles - Hotel California - Song Meaning     1206
  The Effect on Beginning Band S     711
  The Effects of Popular culture     1258
  The Eras of Punk     1227
  The Evolution of Music     1860
  The Evolution of Rap Music     1717
  The Fathers of Fusion     724
  The Four Elements of Hip-Hop     1282
  The Globalization of Pop     1342
  The Grateful Dead     1261
  The Hip-Hop Movement     1204
  The History Of Henry Purcell     645
  The History of Opera     431
  The history of the Beatles     703
  The History of the Orchestra     1812
  The History of the Rock World     470
  The Impact of Reggae on World Music     568
  The importance of visual arts in Schoenberg     3769
  The Importance of Music in Schools     549
  The influances of instruments     943
  The Influence of Music in Vietnam-Progression of Rock n roll     2135
  The Influence of music upon society     2340
  The Influence of Rap on Today's Society     813
  The Internet\'s Effect on the Music Industry     1383
  The Leagacy of the Beatles     971
  The Legacy of American Jazz     1710
  The Life of the Great Rapper B.I.G.     673
  The lost art of lyrical poetry     829
  The magic of cats     601
  The Mainstreaming of Punk-Rock Music     1031
  The Media Looks Down on Raves     478
  The Melody and Color of Classical Music     312
  The Movie Grease     368
  The Music of our Society and it     618
  The Music of Peter Brainin     274
  The Music That Defines Me     1170
  The Musica Consort Vera     1984
  The Musical Nord-Ost     959
  The Negative Impact of Music on Youths     1065
  The New H.N.I.C.     648
  The Philadelphia Orchestra     907
  The Popularity of Rap     834
  The reality of rap and violence     1267
  The Remedy     352
  The Return of a Rock Revelation: Limp Bizkit     1911
  The Rise of the DJ as a musician     1216
  The rock music history     618
  The role of Wangerism in German Culture in the Third Reich     2346
  The Shake     513
  The Social Affects of Jazz after World War I     1356
  The Sun King     611
  The Symphony of Death     1859
  The three tenors     856
  The World of Cymbals and Percussion:     866
  Theory Behind Acoustics and Loudspeaker Design     3743
  Three Types of Music     958
  Tin Pan Alley     265
  To what extent does the keyboard music of JS Bach's sons (JC     1502
  Tom Waits musician and poet     384
  Traditional Canadian Folk Music     1446
  Traditional Japanese music     609
  Transmission vs Interpretation     884
  Tupac     2787
  Tupac     4248
  Tupac     661
  Tupac     788
  tupac - thug angel     566
  Tupac Outline     545
  Tupac Shakur     997
  Tupac Shakur     721
  Tupac Shakur - Life and Times     992
  Tupac's Changes and Dear Momma: A lesson in social Rhetoric     3526
  TUPAC: Ressurrection!     4783
  Tupac: Resurrection     523
  Tupacs alive     746
  Turntablism     1067
  Twenty first century living     871
  Twista     449
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