American Studies

When it comes to the distribution of the magazine it can be seen by the adds that it is geared towards a certain gender, or race and last of all socioeconomic status.

Plainly it can be seen that white men were the dominant readers of the magazine. With an add for Old Granddad, " a bourbon that makes friends lastaE, it slogan is "Head of the Bourbon Family.aE This denotes that a man, old granddad should be the head of the family, and therefore should drink this bourbon, perfectly logical in 1955. Most of the alchohol adds are driven towards men with a Seagrams gin advertisement appearing that if you drink gin you should be in a tuxedo at a cocktail party. There are other adds for assorted alchohols that are targeted to their mostly educated male audience because it is they who had the money and purchasing power at that time.

In 1985 alchohol seems to not play a big part of the magazine at all. Whether it is intentional or not the alcohol companies have decided to stop using the capital to advertise on the pages of Time, for this issue anyway. The only advertisement is for Seagrams and even then it appears more as a warning about the consumtion of it product. The only picture is a one ounce "jiggeraE next to a 1

Some topics in this essay:
Bourbon FamilyaE¯, Jim Beam's, Logan Act,


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