Prison Overcrowding

These solutions usually require long-term policy changes made by legislators and other high-level government officials. In contrast short term solutions are strategies that can be implemented by prison managers to reduce overcrowding and improve conditions of the overcrowded prisons. There may not be a single correct answer to the prison overcrowding issue; however if a number of long term and short term solutions are applied to our criminal justice system prison populations could be brought back to a reasonable and controllable level.

Short term solutions to the issue of prison overcrowding can be divided into four categories: reducing tension and the amount of time prisoners spend confined, introducing Prisoner Leave Programs, and improving the early release system. Tension among prisoners is actually a problem that is partially caused by the overcrowding of prisons. Many prison managers will keep prisoners confined in their cells for long periods of time in an effort to reduce the effects of overcrowding. Allowing prisoners to move freely and socialize helps to reduce a considerable amount of the tension brought about because of overcrowding. Reducing tension may not correct the probl



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Crowded Prisons and Privatization... hypothesis to be examined in this study is stated as: Privatization of prison management is being embraced as a response to prison overcrowding in many ... (2507 10 )


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