Atomic Bomb

However, the threat was far from over. Nuclear weapon technology is now available in the hands of several countries, and it is only the means that these countries lack, not to mention the ingredients and the necessary technology to develop modern nuclear weapons. The development of the atomic bomb was perhaps one of the most powerful advancements in the history of mankind, but this has turned into a curse on humanity, not only following Hiroshima and Nagasaki, but also with the awareness of the threats that the atomic bomb has on life today.

The basic principle in the making of nuclear technology lies on the splitting of the atom, known as nuclear fission. By definition, a nuclear fission "is when a heavy atom is split into two atoms by a neutron hitting it.aE However, in nuclear technology, it is not sufficient to have a split of an atom, but rather, it is also necessary to have a continuous chain reaction that results as other neutrons are emitted by the atom. This is what makes the energy double at a rate of once every ten-billionth of a second.



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