There Are No Children Here

While he looked at the cops, he got scared and ran. At last the cop finally caught him and start saying slurs to him. While he was Craig was shot. The cop said that it was his fault, but we don't know the truth. Another example would be in order for the kids to get some money; they would go to the Wrigley Field to watch the people's car. One of the cop's came and told the kids to not to do the job and said "This ain't no place for a niggeraE. You can say that there were people that were racist and that was one of difficult things that they suffered from in Henry Horner.

Can you imagine living in a home with rats in your basements, and dead cats, and the building totally dark, with no lobby That's what they face, most of the people in Henry Horner. They had no lobby, a dark tunnel, no mailboxes, residents carried flashlights, during the day and night the building is dark, and no telephone, and in some people house water ran in their bathtub. That was another thing they suffered from is the environment that they lived in was in terrible conditions.

The main thing that happened every day in Henry Horner was violence. Let's say it was like one person every day was beaten, shot or stabbed at Horner and in one week



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The Golden Rule... to the Western United States รป there were conflicts ... of alienation from each other was no doubt increased ... To vote, to build a future for their children here. ... (2065 8 )


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