The Role Of Men In Ancient Greece

Sophocles' also depicts the moral values of archaic Greece in his play "AntigoneaE. He displays the relationship and reactions between men and women in effect portraying the differentiating gender roles in ancient Greece. In factual historical accounts of ancient Greece, the historian Thucydides described the values that held significance in his era of Greek society. Through the works of ancient Greek playwrights, story tellers and historians, it is made evident what personified the men that were valued by Greek society.

To be able to identify with the values of ancient Greece one must know a little of the history of these people. It shows the roots of the moral codes and clarifies why certain values were praised and other admonished. Athens was the first polis to emerge in history: a city-state where equality and democracy hold the greatest value and control is not in the hands of one person but in the hands of the citizens. "The centre of the circle is where the power resides. A man can step into the middle for a time but his place in society should be no closer to the centre than his peersaE (Rich et al.). All major government decisions and legislation were made by the ekklesia . The Greek democracies were not



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