An Ideal Society

The principles and standards of the inhabitants within the society would determine these ideal conditions. If an individual within this model society could alter the life of another individual within the society, the ideals of the second individual may be broken; this consequently undermines and destroys the concept of an absolute ideal society. Thomas More's Utopia carries the premise that everyone within the utopian society does what is necessary for the good of the society, and that one's free will would consist of only what is beneficial to the culture. This, in itself, is limiting free will by excluding the possibility of freely doing what is not beneficial to the culture. More said, the citizens, "(do) not waste their time in idleness or self-indulgence,aE but who's to say that they cannot Absolute free will gives each citizen the ability to do whatever they feel inclined to do, even perhaps, idle or self-indulge. In Dr. King's "I Have a DreamaE speech, the idea of free will throughout the society is not touched on; however, on the basis that freedom should be given to citizens of "color,aE freedom of will would most likely be included.

Government is another social issue that is in conflict with the id



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Works of Utopian Fiction... live in interesting times." Good fiction is founded upon conflict, and conflict is precisely what is generally banished from conceptions of an ideal society. ... (2718 11 )

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Edward Bellamy's Novel Looking Backward... achievable but desirable, and that the government he portrays is not oppressive but instead essential to the creation and maintenance of such an ideal society. ... (1342 5 )


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