The Role of Literature in Society

His work was definitely not the most controversial thing being written at the time, yet we exult his writing today. Even Shakespeare's tragedies, which were not at all light and fluffy could hardly be considered nonconformist. Romeo and Juliet is a classic love story which has touched and moved people for generations. What is so gripping about this tale is the love, the heartbreak, and the loss of life. It also contains a little social commentary, however, its message is not that of sedition.

There is, in fact, a wealth of great authors who also wrote many pieces of non-subversive, quality literature. One such author is Virginia Wolf who wrote important novels like To The Lighthouse. This particular book followed a family on their summer holiday and eventually on their separate paths in life. It includes amazing uses of rhetorical devices and is a complex study of family dynamics, yet it has no message of a rebellious or adverse nature. Similarly, Ernest Hemingway wrote countless literary classics. In his book A Farewell To Arms, Hemmingway explores an incredible war-torn love story betwee



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