Society Creates Gender Stereotypes

Piercy is referring to the dolls females are given as children and how they have a certain lipstick that seems to portray what the child is supposed to look like as she grows up. Magazines also show femails style, clothing, and physical appearences the way soceity wants them to be.

Gender stereotypes exist in peoples actions and societys influence on them. Alleen Pace Nilson researched the English language by going through a dictionary. Nilson's story sexism in English: Imbodiment and language states,"Women are sexy: and men are successful"(203-213). The writer derives this from the research on the English language. From this research of the language shows that it is a sexist society. The statement shows that women are just supposed to be there and men do things. This shows that stereotypes end up following a molding the language gave us. Hence, yielding gender stereotypes.

Men and women are supposed to have certain roles in life according to society. In the story, "Men we carry in our minds", Scott Russell Sanders explained his point of view on how it was to grow up when he was a child. He explained his situation and the roles of his parents. His parents had the stereotypical roles, the mother stayed at home and wat



Letter on Sexism and Gender Inequality... movement structure which embraces men and creates a multi ... with all of the various "isms" that polarize American society. ... that women suffer as a gender and the ... (2456 10 )

Blondes in American Society... cultural values within the American society that deserves ... and Timothy A. Brown in "Gender and Body ... Statistical evidence creates a convincing framework around ... (2806 11 )

Women's Bodybuilding Gender Issues... bodybuilding, then has implications for sport, gender, sexuality, and society at large ... women, of performing certain activities, creates the conditions ... (1929 8 )

Suicide and Adolescents... been suggested that modern society creates feelings of ... rapid change operative in our technological society. ... has been suggested that gender stereotypes may be ... (3610 14 )

Gender Bias in Education... women and men are truly considered equals in American society. ... than boys in K-12, a fact which creates problems for ... to help reduce the amount of gender-bias in ... (1378 6 )

Cultural Bias and Sexism... of an acculturation process which subtly creates it, and ... which we have structured our society, with women ... demonstrating a different view of gender and sexual ... (2054 8 )


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