Marriage Is A Private Affair

She wasn't an Ibo. Nnaemeka knew what he was getting himself into, and yet he kept it from both his father and his fiance. He knew his father wouldn't understand what he felt towards Nene, and he also knew Nene wouldn't understand his father's traditional thinking. Nnaemeka should have explained that part of his life to Nene when they were beginning to get serious but perhaps he didn't think he wanted to marry her then. Some people don't have to worry about tradition, like Nene. She is living her own independent life without worries of satisfying someone else. To her marriage is a beautiful thing no matter who you marry as long as you love that person. And she doesn't believe that Nnaemeka's father will disapprove. But Nnaemeka knows it won't be easy: "They are most unhappy if the engagement is not arranged by them. In our case it's worse- you are not even an IboaE (204). Perhaps Nnaemeka was hoping that his father would take his sons happiness over the people's happiness.

When Nnaemeka's father hears about the news he is very disappointed. His response to that is "Whoever put this idea into your head might as well have cut your throat. It is Satan's work.aE (206). He is convi

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Changing Views of Marriage & Family... marriage is more of a communal affair, and marriage ... legalizing same-sex marriage "would lower marriage to the level of just another private choice" (114). ... (1593 6 )

Marriage... custom of marriage as an affair of state ... that are familiarly unique to marriage relationships. ... enforced spousal privileges regarding private information, such ... (3404 14 )

Denominational Switching Switching Religious Denominations... their faith as an "invisible religion", that is, as a "private affair" to be ... Second, desire to be of the same faith as the potential marriage partner accounts ... (2777 11 )

Same-Sex Marriages in Massachusetts... marriage is more of a communal affair, and marriage ... legalizing same-sex marriage ├┤would lower marriage to the level of just another private choice├ (114 ... (1593 6 )

Personality Development... She admits that her mother forced her into her marriage, pressuring her father to agree. ... Sex is a private affair. Garden City, NY: Doubleday. ... (2160 9 )

Three Literary Characters... The funeral itself is not a somber affair, though there is ... to come with her to talk in private, and then ... in his life was hypocritical, from his marriage to his ... (1644 7 )


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