Articles of Confederation

Congress could also borrow money as well as declare war and enter into treaties and alliances with foreign nations. An example of this can be seen through the Peace of Paris. Although the Articles introduced some policies and freedoms that the United States still enjoys today, leaders such as John Jay and James Madison criticized the work because it could not establish a strong government (Doc. G). They complained that the government was so weak that it had to have nine state majority votes just to pass a law.

During the reign of the Articles of Confederation, Congress only could recommend actions for the states to make, without any way of enforcing these laws. There was not a set constitution for the United States, but rather a different constitution for each state. Each state also had their own monetary system and different ways of enforcing laws. Because of the lack of uniformity, each state had a stronger commitment to their own government than to the recommendations of Congress. Also, each state competed against each other instead of working toward the betterment of the entire nation. Examples of this are when Rhode Island voted against the establishment of an outpost because it was against their own state constitution (D



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