Arab- Israeli Conflict

Because of this, poverty, disease, and malnutrition was very common. The land basically served as a passage between Europe, Asia, and Africa, thus having little importance. It was also near the Suez Canal, which connected the Mediterranean Sea with the Red Sea. Palestine was now important to the British, because they occupied Egypt. Egypt is where the Suez Canal is located and the British controlled it. In operating the Suez Canal, the British now had an excellent source of income.

In the late 19th and early 20th centuries, the Zionist movement gained strength in Europe and large numbers of Jews immigrated to Palestine. Many Jewish immigrants had picked up and moved into the countryside of Palestine. For the Jews to do this they had to buy land from local Arab landholders who owned small pieces of land. As a result, Jews and Arabs were now coming in contact with each other more often. Jewish purchases led to the displacement of Arab peasants from the land. The Ottoman government tried to slow the Zionist movement down, but the Jews were settling the land at a very rapid rate. Their success made the world debate about wh

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The Arab-Israeli ConflictThe Arab-Israeli Conflict. Throughout the years of the Arab-Israeli conflict, one of the dominant themes has been whether or not ... (1597 6 )

History of the Arab-Israeli ConflictHistory of the Arab-Israeli Conflict. ... That day also marks the beginning of the Arab-Israeli conflict, which has dominated the world stage for half a century. ... (2466 10 )

ARAB-ISRAELI CONFLICT SIMULATIONSARAB-ISRAELI CONFLICT SIMULATIONS. ARAB-ISRAELI ... computer simulations. The two simulations are entitled Arab-Israeli Conflict (AIC) and Conflix. ... (1606 6 )

THE UN, IGOS, NGOS AND THE ARAB-ISRAELI CONFLICTTHE UN, IGOS, NGOS AND THE ARAB-ISRAELI CONFLICT. ... "The Real Lesson of the Oslo Accord: 'Localize' the Arab-Israeli Conflict." Foreign Policy Briefing No. ... (5427 22 )

Arab-Israeli Relations... They were busy overstating their policies in a way that radicalized the Arab-Israeli conflict. ... Rubinstein, Alvin Z. The Arab-Israeli Conflict. ... (1532 6 )

Arab-Israeli relations... They were busy overstating their policies in a way that radicalized the Arab-Israeli conflict. ... Rubinstein, Alvin Z. The Arab-Israeli Conflict. ... (2739 11 )


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