Ancient Egypt

He built the

world's first pyramid and the first building of that size to be entirely made of stone. Even

though it was a pyramid it wasn't a true pyramid, but a step pyramid.

After the reign of the last king of the Sixth dynasty (the last dynasty in the old kingdom.)

Pepi II in 2181 B.C, there was a period of crisis and social upheaval known as the First

Intermediate Period. The reasons leading up to this dark time, was a series of low floods

and the result was famine during the Sixth dynasty. This undermined the stability of Egypt

What followed put Egypt in rapid decline. With no central power the provinces became

independent states the were often at war with each other. To make the situation worse

was a penetration of nomadic foreigners into the delta region of the Nile Valley.

Middle Kingdom: 2061-1784 B.CSecond Intermediate Period 1633-1570

The accession in 2060 B.C. of Mentuhotep II of Thebes the first pharaoh of the Middle

Kingdom, ended 90 years of conflict with a dynasty established a Herakleopolis, south of

Memphis. This strong Eleventh Dynasty ruler restored order in Egypt. He drove the



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