Marriage: Then And Now

Other factors came into play, such as why, other than a small group of singe females, did the wives not take advantage of the abundance of factory work.

The first was immigrants, especially from Western Europe, who were willing laborers that displaced women as the first choice as employees (EpsteinEaston 99). So while the opportunity was there for women it was not a dire necessity that they go to work in the factories. The second event that helped keep women in the home was literature and books urging women to subordinate themselves to their husbands (EpsteinEaston 93). This literature put the home at the center of a woman's life with child rearing the most important aspect of home. Women then became willing to follow the leanings of society and remain at home. Of course, the women had to be able to do what was expected of them but mothers, school, society, and peers all helped prepare them for being a housewife. The husband also had to be willing to accept the opportunity of being the sole provider and society helped him make that decision by making the role of good provider synonymous with masculinity itself (Bernard 11). All of these conditions were met and couples began more and more to fall



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Christ On Marriage and Divorce... Divorce, then, is a sin, according to Jesus ... The importance of marriage is shown in John at the wedding at Cana ... 'Now,' he said, 'draw some out and take it to the ... (1336 5 )


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