Mandatory College Attendance

It is their fault and most students accept this. They know what has to be done to pass a class and also what went wrong when they flunk. Finally, students should be able to decide when to attend because they pay for the classes. Many students work part-time jobs, some even work full-time to afford the cost of college. Students working thirty plus hours a week, possibly for a manager younger than they are, have enough to deal with. While at work, students have to take orders from their bosses because the bosses pay them. But, at school, you are the one paying. For that reason, students should be given more slack with their attendance. So why then is an attendance policy necessary if the student is able to pass the class without regularly attending, should not they be able to decide

Students do not need to attend class everyday. For instance, at the beginning of the semester teachers hand out a syllabus outlining every days lesson or topic. With this, students know what will happen during class each day. So why, if the lesson is understood or has been previously learned, should the student have to show up Attending class to relearn the subject would be the mor



Performance Assessment in the California Community College System... of learning skills, followed by prescriptive mandatory placement in ... instructor evaluation, previous degrees, life experience, and previous college attendance. ... (5090 20 )

Adult Education in the US... education could inhere in a doubling of college attendance. ... pursued and completed their college degrees was ... Other forms of MCE include mandatory traffic school ... (9736 39 )

Relationship Between Absenteeism & Graduation... For this study data from students in a college mandatory work-study program ... Sander and Krautmann (1995) studied the effects of attendance in Catholic schools ... (2513 10 )

Year-round School Schedule... calendar is divided into three mandatory quarters and one ... Vista graduates going on to college has almost ... system, in which students rotate attendance to reduce ... (1583 6 )

Quality & Quantity of Japanese Schooling... In fact, attendance is considered mandatory if a student hopes to enter a prestigious college: "Nearly all students who aspire to national university must ... (3806 15 )

Tests and Assessment... used to indicate where a student's college placement should ... point in noting that school attendance, understood a ... private school, is no longer mandatory in the ... (3402 14 )


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