Is White Collar Crime More Serious Than Street Crime?

They tend to say that the definition embodies only "seriousaE crimes. To them, the definition of serious can be exemplified by such things as rape, murder, threatening and larceny.

Other scholars argue that white- collar crime is more serious than street crime because the definition of "crimeaE as it is used in American society today does not include all types of crime. They believe that the definition includes white- collar crime as well as street crime but society does not include it in its use. Also, white- collar crime affects more people than conventional street crime. In a certain instance, a white- collar crime could affect millions of people at a time. Scholars that say street crime is more serious say that it happens more than white- collar crime but scholars that oppose state that white- collar crime does not happen less, it is just less heard of. White- collar crime is covered up more than street crime by the media and authorities (the ones that are revealed). Professor of philosophy Jeffrey Reiman contends, "A focus on street crimes is little more than a cover-up for more serious crimes such as pollution, medical m



White-collar Crime... to be in a state of serious disrepair (Farber ... holding them liable for more and more actions of ... criminal activity, it is applicable to white-collar crime as well ... (3296 13 )

Chicago Theorists on Deviance & Crime... than for instance, to more qualitative approaches. ... technocrats" who acknowledge the street crime of the ... may be blind to the white collar crime occurring closer ... (2260 9 )

White-collar and Corporate Crimes... deviance and statistical rarity must be considered as a means of examining deviance more objectively. If white-collar and corporate crime are to be ... (2018 8 )

Sentencing Disparity of White Collar Offenders... reported that they would like to become more active in organized crime, RICO, and ... cases; (12) There were no specific white collar crime definitions reported ... (4686 19 )

White Collar Offenses & Sentencing Decisions The proposed study ...... as they generally do from the more affluent sector ... Because jurors perceive crime as directly associated with a ... White collar offenders do appear to have somewhat ... (4830 19 )

"Three Strikes and You're Out: A Bad Crime Policy... that the law had on serious crime rates in ... the energy companies engaged in white collar crime which is ... Street criminals are penalized more heavily for their ... (2182 9 )


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