Hamlet, Laertes, And Fortinbras

Like Hamlet, Fortinbras is overwhelmed with the desire for glory and vengeance. Although the two men share desire to avenge their father's death as well as the loss of their royal crown, they differ in their rationale. Hamlet admires Fortinbras' passion to the point where he berates himself for his inaction, but he also questions Fortinbras' reason "to gain a little patch of ground That hath in it no profit but the name.aE With his father's murder to avenge, Hamlet cannot relate to such an empty motivation. "The soldiers will risk their lives even for an eggshellaE (4.4. 19-54). The two men have both lost their crown to an uncle and their fathers to a violent death, yet the difference in one's strategy for revenge is incredibly distinct from the other. Where Hamlet is said to reason his actions too much, it can also be said that Fortinbras doesn't justify his actions enough.



Production Values of Hamlet... rapiers Hamlet, Laertes 2 dueling daggers Hamlet, Laertes 1 vial of unction Laertes 1 pearl ... scarf Gertrude 1 military unit standard Fortinbras's Soldier 1 ... (4508 18 )

Kenneth Branagh's film of Shakespeare's Hamlet... This is a strong and evocative image, but since Fortinbras is the restorer of the proper kingly order in Denmark ... The sight of Laertes and Hamlet in their ... (1613 6 )

Hamlet and the Tragic Plot... When Laertes is dying, he tells of Claudius's plot ... himself, so that Horatio can clear Hamlet's name by ... Fortinbras arrives to put things in order, burying the ... (781 3 )

Shakespeare's Hamlet... Fortinbras and Laertes are more in line with their duty to act, but, as a result of their action they are spared the great self-conscious suffering Hamlet ... (1662 7 )

Analysis of the Character of Hamlet Hamlet, often lauded as ...... and compounds still further with his killing of Laertes. ... Hamlet has asked û perhaps even begged û for ... Fortinbras, the English ambassadors, and their band of ... (2054 8 )

Different Film Versions of Hamlet... that we see red for King Claudius, white for Laertes, and black ... final image is of a statue of old King Hamlet being pulled down by Fortinbras's army, a ... (3422 14 )


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