Artist Report

This point was considered to assist in drawing together all aspects of the painting (landscape, houses, and figures) in spatial unity. "All lines on the buildings in the right of the picture follow the orthogonals to the vanishing point. A mathematical division called caesura structures the painting. These are based on musical scales, and the first caesura falls upon ChristaE (Mifflin, Houghton. Tribute Money by Masaccio, February 12, 2003. http:college.hmco.comhistorywestmosaicchapter 7image92.html)

The figures in The Tribute Money are individualized. Masaccio's figures

are constructed through an observational and anatomical approach. The bodies and its draperies are modeled by light, and had the three-dimensional quality achieved. There are a limited number of figures or objects, while they still retain a variety of poses, and gestures. Masaccio imitates nature while still ensuring that the painting conforms to the underlying mathematical formula. "The suggested figure types are also evident, with St. Peter and Christ being the "pointing figureaE; the figure with the back facing us as the "lead-in figureaE; the one on Christ's right acting as the "gazing figureaE (http:colleg



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