Environment Affecting Behavior

For example, comparing a baby who grows up with hisher biological parents would be the same as a baby growing up with adoptive parents, both can provide the same care. A parent is someone who brings up and provides care for another. No matter who the child grows up with, if provided the same care, "even children who grow up with their biological parents resemble their parents in personality on to a moderate degree (Bratko MaruiA, 1997).aE According to Sigmund Freud a person's ideas of right and wrong are learned from parents, teachers, and other people in authority. So in reality no matter if the person is a parent, teacher or other person in command a child will learn from anyone if given the chance to.

According to Peggy Noonan of the Wall Street Journal, children are like fish in the water-when the water is polluted the fish become sick. For example, the children involved in the Columbine shooting were isolated from other classmates, and at times teased and bantered. The environment that those children were in was very uncomfortable due to their peers causing them to desire a sort of revenge. According to Dr. Laura Schlessinger, impressionable children that are surr



Criminal Behavior... as the number one factor affecting criminal behavior ... learn and develop socially- acceptable behavior modes ... provided a formal schooling environment that adequately ... (2156 9 )

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THE RISE OF EXPERIMENTAL SCIENCE... isolate causal relationships between variables affecting behavior. ... maintenance of ethical behavior by researchers ... a person's internal environment and external ... (2673 11 )

Adaptation Nursing Model of Sister Calista Roy... model, Roy (1984) defined the environment as all conditions, circumstances, and influences surrounding and affecting the development and behavior of persons ... (2639 11 )


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