Bunsaku Arakatsu, a personal friend and former student of Albert Einstein, had the most powerful branch of the navy secretly advance him some money for a project on a uranium bomb. Arakatsu had theorized the great energy of an atom. In 1939 Albert Einstein wrote a letter to the president of the United States, Franklin Roosevelt. In the letter, Roosevelt warned that it was possible that the Germans were ahead of the United States in the production in the bomb. After the letter was written , a lab in Chicago was set up. "Chicago ended up being the primary research site for the atomic bombaE (Wilcox, 82).

In July 1941 began a race to produce an atomic weapon ahead of the Germans and in time to be used during the war. A director of a research, Nobel prize winner, Arthur H. Compton, made a time schedule for the project in January 1942:

-By July 1942, to determine whether a chain reaction was possible.

-By January 1943, to achieve the first (controlled) chain reaction.

-By January 1944, to extract the first element 94 from uranium.

-By January 1945, to have a bomb. ( Spector, 551)(Hewlett and Anderson, The New World ).



Memo on Use of Atomic Bomb ; ¦Memo on Use of Atomic Bomb ; ¦. ... Use of the atomic bomb against Japan in early-August 1945 might dissuade the Soviet Union from send their troops into Korea. ... (4497 18 )

Atomic Bomb DevelopmentAtomic Bomb Development. ... In the choice of a site for this atomic-bomb laboratory, the all-important considerations were secrecy and safety. ... (4359 17 )

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The Atomic Bomb and JapanThe Atomic Bomb and Japan. ... The atomic bomb represents the culmination of years of combined efforts of science, industry, and the military. ... (2404 10 )

Atomic Bombs and JapanAtomic Bombs and Japan. ... However, when the news comes that the atomic bombs have been dropped, she understands that these new bombs have changed everything. ... (1239 5 )

Moral Considerations and the Atomic BombMoral Considerations and the Atomic Bomb. ... The atomic bomb was a psychological weapon as much as it was a physically destructive weapon. ... (6455 26 )


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