Atomic Bomb

There was a fear that if the bomb did not work on Germany that the Germans would be able to disassemble it and figure out how to make it work. There was not this fear with Japan. Also a revenge factor was set in the heart of Americans ever since the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor. Many feel that the production of the atomic bomb brought about an arms race that cost millions of money. Others feel that the Cold War was something that was unavoidable.

The American citizens were behind using the bomb because they were tired of the war. It had been five years and many had not seen their loved ones and were afraid they would not ever again if they had to invade Japan's mainland. Americans were not willing to sacrifice more lives to end this war. They felt that the developed technology should be used. After all, creating the atomic bomb had been a long and hard task. It had taken many years of planning, developing, and testing. The making of the bomb combined theories and ideas from countless chemists and physicists. Most of all it had cost large amounts of money and the project workers feared being investigated by the postwar Congress if it was discovered that funding had gone to a secret project with nothing to sho



Memo on Use of Atomic Bomb ; ¦Memo on Use of Atomic Bomb ; ¦. ... Use of the atomic bomb against Japan in early-August 1945 might dissuade the Soviet Union from send their troops into Korea. ... (4497 18 )

Atomic Bomb DevelopmentAtomic Bomb Development. ... By the end of June 1945, many were expecting from day to day to hear of the explosion of the first atomic bomb devised by man. ... (4359 17 )

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Moral Considerations and the Atomic BombMoral Considerations and the Atomic Bomb. ... The atomic bomb was a psychological weapon as much as it was a physically destructive weapon. ... (6455 26 )

The Decision to Use the Atom Bomb... still questioned. This paper however, is intended to support the decision to the United States to use the atomic bomb. It is important ... (642 3 )


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