Armenian Genocide

The total number of Armenians throughout the world exceeds 7 million with some 3 million living in Armenia, some one million living in former Soviet Union republics and some 1 million living in U.S. Armenians now live in a flourishing Diaspora from L.A to Beirut and Brasilia to Sydney. The main reason of this scattered population of Armenians is the series of attacks and campaigns they experienced during centuries that forced them to leave their homeland. The most disastrous of those campaigns was the Turkish annihilation program against the Armenia ns that resulted in 1.5 million deaths.

During centuries, Armenians were part of different Empires. Historic Armenia was located in such a strategic and geopolitically important region where every Emperor had a great desire to have it under its control. Iranians, Russians, Arabs, Ottomans took turn in attacking and conquering Armenia. In seventh century AD, Islam swept the region. Armenians resisted the new religion, meanwhile, they lost many people due to constant attacks of Arabs forcing them to convert. By the eight century, due to the spread of Islam in the region, Armenia remained a sma



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