American History With Britain

Jay's treaty was viewed as an Anglo-American alliance by the new French government. Although the United States was eager to avoid war with France it also did not want to jeopardize relations with Britain.

Fisher Ames was a descendent from William Ames who immigrated to Plymouth in 1626. Third in a family of five, Ames was born in Dedham Massachusetts to Deborah and Nathaniel Ames. In mid. 1781 he became a clear supporter of Hamilton and strongly hated anything related with Jefferson. In the fall of 1787 he became an elected delegate from Dedham to the Massachusetts ratifying convention. This is where he gave a powerful speech about biennial elections. He became a young man that everyone trusted, and in 1788 he was chosen to be a representative of Dedham in the General Court of Massachusetts. He served in congress from 1789 to 1797. He favored Jay's treaty heavily, and delivered an incredible speech about it, even though most members of congress wanted to nullify it. A conservative to say the least, Ames retired along with Washington's administration in 1796.

Timothy Pickering was born in Salem, Massachusetts in 1745. He attended Harv



Early American History... One of the decisive turning points in the history of the American continent took ... with the vast Mississippi Basin in the hands of either Britain or France. ... (2827 11 )

Economic Issues Related to War in US History... The purpose of this research is to examine the economic issues related to war in American history, beginning with the American Revolution through Vietnam, in ... (2243 9 )

The American Revolution... the revolution had as its main point independence from Great Britain (Wood 87). ... that the Revolution was the most important event in American history because it ... (785 3 )

British and American Foreign Policy in Iraq... British and American Foreign Policy in Iraq. There is a common saying that says that history has a way ... is repeating the mistakes made by Great Britain about 100 ... (2371 9 )

Economic Performance of the American Colonies... But throughout the 18th century, the American colonists became ... was one of simple economic gain to Britain. ... not surprise the modern reader of history, for home ... (2148 9 )

Deterioration of Colonists' Relationship with Britain... to Britain. This does not surprise the modern reader of history, for home countries always establish colonies to create sources of revenue. But the American ... (2120 8 )


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