Alexander The Great

This started the path to becoming "the Great.aE I had to clean up so to speak, what my father had already started and undertook the invasion of Asia.

Now with me as the "commander-in-chiefaE my first goal was to restore a sense of stability back to the League of Cornith (the League of Cornith was a league formed of Greek city-states, held together by treaties and alliances) that was starting to break apart.

I felt it was my job to prove myself to my followers, townspeople, and most of all my father. I began by executing all potential enemies of Philip in court. My father would have been so proud of me for that (sniffle, sniffle). My next mission was to regain support of all the city-states, most of all Thessaly, which had already broken away from the League. I knew I must show power and that I did. I rounded up 30,000 of my closest friends (also known as troops) and headed for the Southern region. I planned on making this attack a surprise, and that I did! When we bombarded the Thessalians they were in complete surprise. They had no time to prepare for war, so instead of getting their butts handed to them on a silver platter, they didn't even bother to resist us. (Wepman, 41) This event had put me off



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