Alexander III

That proved easier than what he had to do to gain the allegiance of the Greeks. The Greeks rebelled, but Alexander quickly put them down and destroyed Thebes. With all inside opposition crushed and able to claim the right as king, Alexander moved to pacify the neighboring barbarians. After this was accomplished he took on his fathers war of aggression against Persia, adapting his slogan of, Hellenic Crusade against the barbarian. Alexander first defeated the small force defending Anatolia. He proclaimed freedom for the Greek cities there while keeping them under tight control. He then took the campaign to the Anatolian high lands to impress the tribesman. Alexander met and defeated the Persian army under Darius III at Issus. Issus is near modern Iskenderun, Turkey. This was a major victory because it opened the east to Alexander and his armies. He then marched and occupied Syria and after a long siege of Tyre, which is in Phoenicia. He was able to march down into Egypt. Alexander entered Egypt in 331 BC, after he had marched down the Phoenician coast. When he arrived, he was welcomed and taken as pharaoh. Alexander then organized Egypt as he would. He ordered the construction of a city to be



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