Advantages Of Teaching Writing As A Process

The papers are then turned in when time is up and given back a few days later, some full of red marks, other relatively clear. Grading criteria is based on spelling and correctness with little or no emphasis placed on innovative or interesting content. This teacher has effectively limited himself to a blackboard with a red pen; a tool that no student can possibly use. No one is being taught anything except that he or she is good or bad writer, and even this is based on a false standard. This is usually a frustrating experience for student and teacher alike(Murray.) By adopting process oriented techniques of teaching this frustration can be reduced. Process emphasis allows writing instructors to make their presence and knowledge available to students. The instructor becomes an advisor, an editor, and fellow writer when he steps out of realms of conventional tactics(Newkirk,XV.) This opens the most valuable classroom resource to the students. How is this resource to be used It is done in a variety of ways. Teaching writing as a process involves frequent revision and internal feedback(Murray.) This is a vast improvement from suggesting that students produce several dr



Peter Elbow on the Process of Writing... it is necessary to understand the advantages of pushing ... What are the implications for teaching? ... help students learn the private dimension of writing, to learn ... (1989 8 )

Computer Technology & Special Ed Children Wall, T. & Siegel, J. ...... Finally, students begin working on writing assignments from ... see that the positive advantages of computer environments that function as teaching machines quite ... (3137 13 )

Computer-Assisted Instruction IN TEACHING ENGLI... Multimedia capability can only enhance these advantages. ... some of the problems of teaching language, and ... about the process of reading and writing with computers ... (3228 13 )

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TEACHING DEAF CHILDREN TO SPEAK... Research has found, however, that each approach has advantages. ... to symbolize a speech sound in writing before the ... of the sound is to risk teaching that each ... (2936 12 )

TEACHING DEAF CHILDREN TO SPEAK I. INTRODUCT... Research has found, however, that each approach has advantages. ... to symbolize a speech sound in writing before the ... of the sound is to risk teaching that each ... (3008 12 )


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