Uncertainty Reduction Theory

, 1999, p.49). Berger's uncertainty reduction theory focuses on how human communication is used to gain knowledge and to create understanding (Griffin, 1991, p.136). Berger believes that it's natural to have doubts about our ability to predict the outcome of initial encounters. Berger also believes that beginning relationships are full of questions, anxiety and confusion. URT focuses on predictability, which is straight from Shannon and Weaver's information theory. "As the ability of persons to predict which alternative or alternatives are likely to occur next decreases, uncertainty increasesaE (Griffin, 1991, p.137).

Berger says that there are two different kinds of uncertainty that a person may face when they encounter their first meeting with someone. Because not everyone is 100 sure on how they should act, one kind of uncertainty seals with behavioral questions, which are questions that are used to ease the stress that behavioral uncertainty can cause. The second kind concentrates on cognitive questions, which are focus



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