The Vietnam War Was The Most Controversial War In U.S. History. Discuss.

The draft card had to be carried by every male to show the police. Anyone who refused to be in the draft would be put in jail. Many of these people either fled the country or just hid out. These people were known as draft dodgers. Some thought that these people were unpatriotic and therefore un-American. This caused even more controversy throughout the Nation.

The war also caused people to protest all over the U.S. especially on college campuses and at the nation's capital. One of the worst tragedies happened at Kent State University on May 4th 1970. The Ohio government sent the National Guard because someone set a fire in protest. A crowd of students began to taunt the troops. Suddenly they opened fire and killed 4 students. At another college police opened fire on an antiwar protest killing 2 people. One of the biggest antiwar demonstrations took place at Washington D.C. in 1969. 40,000 people gathered at the Arlington Cemetery and marched through the city. 3 and 12 hours later the crowd grew to over 500,000 people who held antiwar demonstrations. Thousands held up a "VaE sign that came to mean peace. It was the largest demonstration ever during the war. Many of the men who were opposed to



Impact of WWII & Vietnam War in US... to keep the war going in Vietnam, so that ... example, who had been ôliberatedö during the War and allowed ... the ôstory behind some of the most bitterly contested ... (2714 11 )

Powers of the Executive in Times of War... 32] But several challenges to the Vietnam war foundered on ... puts it this way: As the most direct consequence ... reduced role for the judiciary during times of war. ... (6519 26 )

Doctrine of Executive War Time Powers... 32] But several challenges to the Vietnam war foundered on ... puts it this way: As the most direct consequence ... reduced role for the judiciary during times of war. ... (6405 26 )

Munich in the Second World War... appeasement." One price of that lesson was Vietnam, a far ... by a terrible event, that of the First World War. ... But even the most seasoned Western diplomats in the ... (8527 34 )

The Gulf Conflict, International Law, and the US... claimed that the country was under attack by North Vietnam. ... for the prosecution of individuals suspected of committing war crimes, the most obvious being ... (10244 41 )

United States Department of Veterans Affairs and Trauma... Although a controversial diagnosis when first introduced, PTSD has ... This approach has been most successful with war veterans ... Trauma and the Vietnam War Generation ... (2292 9 )


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