Ancient Egypt

Imhoptep is considered the preeminent genius of the Old

Kingdom. He assembled one workforce to quarry limestone at the cliff

of Tura, across the Nile, another to haul the stone to the site where

master carvers shaped each block and put it in place.

The Step Pyramid is a terraced structure rising in six unequal

stages to a height of 60 meters, its base measuring 120 meters by 108

meters. The substructure has a system of underground corridors and

rooms. Its main feature being a central shaft 25 meters deep and 8

meters wide. The step pyramid rises within a vast walled court 544

meters long and 277 meters wide, in which are the remnants of several

stone edifices built to supply the wants of the king in the here

after. Towering limestone columns were shaped to mimic the sway and

droop of leafy plants. Immovable doors hung on great carved hinges.

Facades called false doors through which the pharaoh's ka, or vital

force, was presumed to pass, lay recessed within walls. The interiors

of dummy temples were packed with rubble. Everything about the place



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