Study of Human Nature and Behavior

In 1879, William Wundt (considered the father of clinical psychology) founded the first psychological laboratory at the University of Lepzig, in Germany. This is where psychology as an academic discipline was born. It transformed psychology from a philosophy to a science, and forever changed the study of human behavior.

Not everything can be directly observed in a laboratory. Human activities, such as, reasoning, creating, or dreaming are private; we assume they happen, but we can't see them. Because human beings are so complex and multi-layered, physiologists have theories for just about everything from learning to child development, from memory to mental illness. Personality theories try to explain why people are the way they are; development theories look at how children become adults. It is theorized that mental illness is a result of painful childhood experiences. Psychologists wonder and explore what types of childhood experiences have the most impact on people, and at what age does it actually make a difference.

Hypotheses that Psychologists present are predictions about what is expected to happen if a theory is true. If it is believed that a person's childhood has a major impact on adult



Sources of Human Behavior... central to control theories is the notion that human nature is deviant by nature and that ... a theory that has become central to the study of criminology ... (2209 9 )

Views of Machiaveli & Thomas More on Human NatureThis study will compare the views of Niccolo Machiavelli and ... of virtue on a positive view of human nature, Machiavelli sees human and political ... (1363 5 )

In Sexual Behavior in the Human Male Kinsey and a... Problems of interviewing are discussed due to the nature of the material; it may ... This book offers a scientific approach to the study of human sexual behavior ... (1398 6 )

Models of Personality and Abnormal Behavior The purpose of this ...... an entirely new focus to human nature (eg, its basic and inherent goodness, its movement toward self-actualization) and to the study of behavior disorders. ... (1354 5 )

Three Theories of Human Nature & Reality Abraham H. Maslow, Albert ...... As Wilson offers, Ira Progoff's study of Jung begins ... According to Ellis, human nature dictates that we are ... capable of disciplining our "emotive" nature to the ... (1628 7 )

Two Theories of Criminal Behavior... sociology, anthropology, and the other sciences that study human behavior as a ... that self-interest is the basis of human nature and human behavior รป with ... (5449 22 )


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