Bharati Mukherjee

This is one of the major themes in Jasmine.

One important aspect about the novel Jasmine is that it is not written in chronological order. The novel is written as though the main character is remembering events out of sequence. The author employed this method of writing quite efficiently. It was not entirely confusing and it set a mood of anticipation of what is to come.

The novel starts out when Jasmine is a young girl in India. She is consulting an astrologer who tells her that bad times are on the way. Then all of a sudden she is 24-years-old and living in Iowa. The author leaves years of the main characters to the imagination until later on in the novel. Here we meet characters that will not appear again until later in the novel.

The novel then goes backward into time to explore Jasmine's earlier years. These years were filled with poverty, violence, and even death. Although Jasmine does not have a very good life, she does not seem to mind perhaps because it is all that she knows. She does take an early interest in learning English. This may be evidence that she did desire a better or perhaps different life.

Early on in Jasmine's life, it is apparent that she is a fighter. The first incident oc



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