Asia History

One of the reasons for their success was the Yellow River used for agriculture. The founder of this dynasty was Yu. The Xia dynasty encouraged advances in civilization. During this time there was a demand for better tools and bronze replaced wood and stone tools.

The Shang dynasty followed in 1766. During this time there was major growth of cities. Wheeled carts and chariots were invented for transportation. They began sharing their ideas with surrounding neighbors. Arts and Crafts become very popular for trade. Shang rulers had many military armies at their disposal.

The following was the Zhou dynasty. One of the major principles that were set during the Zhou dynasty was the Mandate of Heaven. This concept is that the ruler is considered the son of heaven and served as a link between heaven and earth. The heavenly powers would have to approve of his work or the dynasty would fail and the heavenly powers would withdraw the mandate and give it to someone deserving. The Zhou dynasty was much larger than the Shang. During the Zhou dynasty they made money through trade because they had successful canals and irrigation systems. Ther



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