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The weather was miserable, the food was scarce, and the terrain was rough. These explorers had no idea what to expect from the new world, but they soon found out. They soon came to respect the land, working hard to survive. Their views differed from Columbus !

because they experienced the New World first hand for a long period of time. The explorers' opinion of America varied according to why they were on the land. Some were in search of riches, others in seek of land, and others had no purpose-just luck.

The first settlers held similar views as the explorers, but the settlers chose to settle on the land for longer periods of time. Plymouth and Virginia were two of the most crucial colonies in the development of the new world. William Bradford helped develop Plymouth Colony in Massachusetts. He described the land as harsh. "Full of woods and thickets, represented a wild and savage hue.aE The settlers from Plymouth did not appreciate the Indians. They invaded the Indian's territories. Indian thieves stole the English's tools and surrounded the colonies in the forest. After some time, the English and Indians made peace. The two groups agreed on terms



Native American Environmental Philosophies... Western forms of rational thought challenge the more delicate balanced Native American views of man within nature. ... A First American Views His Land. ... (2893 12 )

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WOMEN'S VIEWS ON MARRIAGE AS A PRIORITY I. INT... of what current views are and work with this trend rather than insisting that today's views are negative for children and need to be reversed (American Values ... (4193 17 )


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