American Revolution

As Spain began to develop new colonies, they would violently exploit the natives of the land. The "new world" posed new opportunities. For the Spanish these opportunities were gold and wealth.

Hernando Cortez was the leader of the Spanish conquering of the Aztec people. He did this in the name of Emperor Charles V. Cortez sent letters to Charles describing the Aztecs as a friendly people that welcomed the Spanish to their land. "About one thousand of the principal citizens came out to meet me...all richly dressed alike according to their fashion...each one in approaching me, and before speaking, would use a ceremony which is common amongst them, putting his hand on the ground and afterwards kissing it..." (Ziegler 107) By bowing before Cortez, the Aztecs showed their respect for him. Cortez wrote to Charles telling him of all the good qualities of the Aztec people. However, he did not tell the Aztec side of the story.

"I have heard that the Mexicans are very great warriors, very brave and terrible...but my heart is not convinced. I want to see it for myself. I want to find out if you are truly that strong and



American RevolutionAmerican Revolution. THE ... That is one guarantee to us all, solely traceable to the radical nature of the American Revolution. WORKS ... (934 4 )

The American RevolutionThe American Revolution. In ... 2002). Wood believes the American Revolution was the most important event in creating an American identity. ... (785 3 )

The American RevolutionThe American Revolution. 1. The success of the American Revolution demonstrated that significant social change could emanate from ... (2129 9 )

The Radicalism of the American RevolutionThe Radicalism of the American Revolution. ... Summary and Conclusions As George Wood argued, the American Revolution was very radical indeed. ... (3068 12 )

American RevolutionAmerican Revolution. ... Obviously Howard had little idea that these murmurs of fear and rage were the kindling sticks that would ignite the American Revolution. ... (1181 5 )

Economic Motivations For The American RevolutionEconomic Motivations For The American Revolution. The thesis of this study is that the American Revolution was fought for economic reasons. ... (2622 10 )


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