Alexander the Great

The universe is the battleground. The opponents are Mazda Ahura, later to be known as Ahura Mazda, and Anra Mainyu, later called Ahriman. Ahura Mazda is the good force and the bad is Ahriman. The battle will last till Ahura Mazda defeats Ahriman in the year 12,000 (we are now presumably around 11,500). This is the world and its future in accordance with Zoroastrian beliefs. Zoroaster Zoroaster had a very non-conforming mind and was forced to flee his parents' house without his parents' consent because of the rebuking he gave to those who sacrificed cattle or drank intoxicating haoma. He fled to the mountains and gave himself to God. Sometime between the ages of thirty and forty an angel appeared to him and brought him to the throne of the highest God, Ahura Mazda. After this occurred, the prophet tried for twelve years to convert people, but to no available. During this period many visions were revealed to him. A milestone in the progression of the religion occurred when Zoroaster converted Vishtaspa, the king of Persia. He also converted the king's son, brother, counselor, and grand vizier. Zoroaster married, along with two other women, the c

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Ahura Mazda, Chinvat Peretu, Death Cadavers,


Alexander The GreatAlexander The Great. In the short space of ... and Eastern. He is "Alexander the Great" in European civilization. Central Asia mythologizes ... (5786 23 )

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Battles Fought by Alexander the GreatBattles Fought by Alexander the Great. This ... Alexander the Great remains a significant role model for war on a grand scale. Works ... (1720 7 )

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