Atom Bomb

Our forces also could not fight off the Japanese military, but they would have to protect themselves against the Japanese civilians of Japan as well. It was a fact that the Japanese government had been equipping the civilians with any kind of weapon that they could get their hands on. Just as long as they continued to fight the enemy.

The government could not afford to give every civilian a weapon. To at least give them something, the government gave them spears. Many soldiers died from a surprise spear attack. They had from spears to knives and anything that would protect them. U.S. naval blockades are one of the major reasons that Japan was so low on supplies.

Admiral William Leahy, Chief of Staff to President Roosevelt and President Truman, wrote "By the Beginning of September 1944, Japan was almost completely defeated through a practically complete sea and air blockade.aE If this is true, how could they have continued to fight and rack up enemy kills If the Chief of Staff figured they would surrender around September 1944; why were they



The Decision to Use the Atom BombThe Decision to Use the Atom Bomb. Support of the Decision to use Atomic Weaponry to End World War II On August 6 and 9 of 1945, the ... (642 3 )

Thomas Nagel Thomas Nagel totally rejects the principle that... a civilian population to bring about the surrender of an enemy (such as the rationale for the use of napalm in Vietnam or dropping the atom bomb on Hiroshima ... (1420 6 )

Albert Einstein... Einstein is equally as famous for his work in developing the Atom Bomb as for his theory of relativity, which of course was the theory that formed the basis ... (1351 5 )

Effects of WW II on the US... The creation of a weapon of mass destruction -the atom bomb -not only ushered in the "atomic age" and making civilian use of nuclear power a reality a few ... (1545 6 )

Washington Goes to War (David Brinkley)... covers the events leading up to Roosevelt declaring war on Japan and continues his historical chronology through the invention of the atom bomb and the end of ... (1987 8 )

Several Essays... human understanding," no individual in 1945 could have appreciated all the consequences that would result from the decision to drop the atom bomb." This does ... (1627 7 )


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