ayatollah khomeini

By 1977, unrest at the Shah's rule was widespread, demonstrations and strikes were common, and the exiled Ruhollah Mussavi Khomeini took the stage to guide an upheaval. Khomeini emerged as one of the most important revolutionary leader the world has known in the twentieth century. He was proclaimed Time Magazine's 'Man of the Year' in 1979, with an insistence that he is a repressive, Islamic extremist, which is what most of the Western world believes. Yet, he not only established one of the only working democracies in the Muslim world he is also well liked by a majority of the Iranian population. Ayatollah Khomeini was a maker of the global village because of his extraordinary efforts as an individual, a revolutionary and a leader.

Alongside Ayatollah Khomeini's efforts to topple the monarchy in Iran, he is well known for several other qualities. Khomeini's familial background consisted of religious learning. His maternal grandfather and father himself were spiritual leaders in their areas. Khomeini himself was a keen student and traveled from Khomein to Arak and then to Qum for education. He has written numerous renowned books on religion and was a beloved teacher. Being one of the Shi'te leader



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