Ancient Celtic Mythology

1 How do we know that we are not just reading materials reflecting the Graeco-Roman myths Is it not plausible that these Greek and Roman writers installed some bias, leaning towards their mythological ideas, within their testimony The speculation surrounding all of the varied pieces of evidence is just. From the abundance of evidence, though, we can be sure that the Celts believed in a multiplicity of deities. It is apparent that the existence of gods and goddesses in Celtic society was quite a serious affair and an everyday business. However, when focusing on the exact nature of such gods and goddesses, it seems only fair to attempt to construct an overview of the character of each deity. Reconstructing the evidence might be too hopeful because the conclusions would come from mere ignorance and be partially based on what we still do not know. From here we can only address the different types of evidence that piece together the very nature of the Celtic gods and goddesses, but the mixed and slightly unreliable evidence is certainly not easy to sort.

The literary evidence for the existence of deities in Celtic religion is one source that reveals the character of the individual gods and goddesses. The



Legend of King Arthur... As a warrior, he seems to have attracted a vast body of ancient Celtic mythology, quickly becoming the king who will rise again when the British have need of ... (3131 13 )

The leprechaun of Irish folklore... designation until well into the Middle Ages, it can safely be assumed that the modern leprechaun is not so ancient a creation ... Dictionary of Celtic Mythology. ... (4695 19 )

Celtic Music and Appalachia... as a "keen" and linked by musical lineage to "ancient Gaelic lamentations ... it and of the place of Celtic-origin music ... The Masks of God: Occidental Mythology. ... (10298 41 )

Ancient Art Dating Methods 1. Absolute dating meth... case Zoroastrian worship and Mesopotamian mythology, with symbolism ... The ancient basilicas had been filled with ... in this example of the Celtic-Germanic strain ... (10728 43 )

The Arthurian Tradition in Literature... The children immediately understand that the ancient times of which ... The Masks of God: Occidental Mythology. ... Reference to the Hypothesis of Its Celtic Origin. ... (4245 17 )

Faires and Magic in A Midsummer Night's Dream... in England, but also as the Celtic Pouck, and ... or, by the dramatic blending of ancient and Elizabethan ... the old trickster of folklore and mythology who spreads ... (3139 13 )


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