Rank among the outfit was determined by a cowboy's position during the drive. The leaders in front of the herd were at the top of the hierarchy, followed by the outriders on the flanks. The drag men were the least favored and placed in the back to be inundated with the dust from the herd the entire day. The daily route was unpredictable, rough, and not at all like the romantic images of these trail hands embraced by society.

The image that comes to the mind of most people when they envision the West in its historical splendor is the illustrious cowboy. "Given this idyllic view, the cowboy has become a symbol of the West. The admiration is not so much for real cowboys as for the culturalmythical constructaE people eas

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Japanese & American Management Styles... In contrast, the central figure of American tradition is the lone cowboy, whose highest obligation is to his own inner integrity. ... (2990 12 )

Levi Strauss' Advertising Strategy... Certain American values are simply not appropriate in foreign countries, eg, the gun-toting American cowboy in countries that favor gun control. ... (1239 5 )

American Icons... When times changed, so did WayneÆs roles from cowboy to lawman to military leader but the values associated with them and American culture did not. ... (1217 5 )

Film Synopses & Dialogue... Make sure this American cowboy is locked in for the night…and…oh, yes, make sure he gets a good seat for the State of the Union address tonight, I wouldn ... (2571 10 )

Purposes of Advertising & the Global Market... most ads, there is no copy other than the brand name; the visuals are supported by dramatic pictures of the American West, sometimes punctuated with a cowboy. ... (1405 6 )

Manifest Destiny: Settlement of the American West... like John Wayne and Clint Eastwood, became an important part of American culture. ... As opposed to being the independent hero figures of the cowboy myths, these ... (851 3 )


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