Jungian Archetypes

One day the empowering and masculine Randall McMurphy arrives. He is man of great energy who tries to give life back to the patients, in the form of inner confidence and utter disobedience towards the nurse and so begins the struggle of life and death within the ward. McMurphy takes on the form of a god as well and competes in an epic war with the Nurse. I will show that these two people embark on a power struggle to control the fate of the ward that is analogical to the myths of fertility and the related gods. McMurphy is the one giving back fertile life, while the Nurse inhibits his advances towards the patient's freedom as she tries to retain her own control.

The ward is seen through the eyes of a most unlikely narrator but it only makes sense that a paranoid schizophrenic should narrate a story that takes within a psychiatric ward. The chief is the all Seeing Eye within the ward and he accomplishes this task quite well by putting on the ruse that he is both deaf and mute. On the ward he is simply known as, "Ol' Chief BroomaE (Kesey 9). His namesake comes from the symbiotic broom that he carries at all time



Jungian Analysis of Annie in "Misery"... Jung's conceptions of the collective unconscious, the archetypes through which the collective ... of a Freudian analysis of the character and a Jungian one. ... (2325 9 )

Proto-Abstract Expressionism... that runs throughout Pollock's work and views Proto-Abstract Expressionist works such as She Wolf (1943) only in terms of his interest in Jungian archetypes. ... (2695 11 )

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Sir Gawain and The Green Knight: A Psychological Interpretation... Jungian depth psychology believes, therefore, that because of the inborn and normally unconscious nature of archetypes, certain poems or works of art ... (2692 11 )

Depiction of Goddesses... What are we to make of Culpepper's own multivaried views: a declaration against Jungian archetypes on the ground that they reify feminine principle while ... (3469 14 )


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