aunt jemima

With the rise of Black Nationalism and Black Pride, Africans began to protest and boycott the derogatory images of Blacks in commercial advertising. Through group solidarity and self-determination, Black Americans were able to pressure advertising companies, such as, Quaker Oats, the owner of the Aunt Jemima line, to change the blatantly stereotypic image of Aunt Jemima, the black woman in America. Although, the Aunt Jemima trademark has continued to market, her initial image has dramatically changed as Black Americans position in society advanced. However, despite her apparent reconstruction and superficial makeover, Aunt Jemima's history still screams White superiority. Although, Aunt Jemima may look different, with her silky lace collar and chic pearl earrings, the mammy image is still boldly ingrained in the minds of many, further perpetuating the southern romantic image of the old plantation days. Racism and discrimination towards Black in America may have changed since Aunt Jemima's original publication, yet, even in her subtleties, Aunt Jemima is still just a "slave in a box.aE

Black Face Minstrelsy and the Birth of Aunt Jemima



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