America Before Columbus

They were able to use their resources effectively, and pack more people into smaller areas. One village near Kampsville, Illinois, was able to support 100-150 people because its inhabitants knew when to fish and find mussels from the local lakes. It was a permanent village that thrived from 3900 to 2800 BC not only because of the shellfish from the lakes, but also because of the game, birds, nuts and seeds available in the surrounding area.

Native people in the Northwest resided in villages of about 100 people. They settled near large oak groves and spent time processing acorns. They used the acorns and its properties for food. They ground them into meal, leached them of their tannic acid, then roasted, boiled or baked the nuts. The acorns, as well as the abundant resources of game, fish and plants helped the Indians in California prosper. Native Americans knew how to get what they needed from the land, and didn't waste their resources. They lived on a land rich with game an



Columbus, Spain and the New World... had the effect of encouraging the explorers who followed Columbus and Spain to ... As Salisbury points out, the various peoples of North America before the time of ... (2787 11 )

Argument on Columbus' Discovery of America... Therefore, Columbus did not "discover America" because it had already been discovered and populated by human beings long before his arrival. ... (1899 8 )

Revisionist Views of Columbus... it had had no exposure to these diseases before. After Columbus, these and other diseases would spread in the New World. PRE-COLUMBIAN AMERICA Columbus and his ... (3319 13 )

Sacrifices in the Making of the United States... Columbus is credited in history books with discovering America, American Indians were inhabitants of the land for thousands of years before Columbus arrived on ... (541 2 )

American Holocaust (David E. Stannard)... been found among the population before Columbus, and recent ... like pathology" in the population before 1492, though ... widespread in either North or South America. ... (1550 6 )

Muslim Slaves in Antebellum America... have been part of the American landscape since pre-Columbus times" (Slavery 1 ... Ibrahim Sori, who endured slavery for four decades in America before he returned ... (753 3 )


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