dramatic structure

Catharsis is an emotional discharge that brings around a sense of renewal or welcomes relief from some sort of tension.

Irony is considered one of the most important terms. It refers to how a person, situation, statement, circumstance is not exactly what it seems to be. There are three types of irony, verbal, dramatic, and cosmic. Verbal irony is when the speaker means something different than what heshe is saying; also the audience realizes that because of the knowledge they already have that the opposite of what the speaker is saying is true. Dramatic irony is when the characters do not know facts but the audience knows them. The third irony is cosmic. Cosmic irony is when some unknown force brings about dire and dreadful events.

Two more important terms are protagonist and deus ex machina. A protagonist is considered to be the main character. The protagonist may also be the considered the hero of the piece. Deus ex machina is when someone or something enters the action and changes the protagonist's fortune.

In the original commercial, one of the first things noticed would be that the character with the frog is the protagonist. This is made obvious by her becoming the main focal point



Democracy... This dramatic structure is used by Orwell to shape his true account of an incident in his life, and in so doing he demonstrates how the dramatic structure can ... (3150 13 )

Albee, Edward... But with these deliberately spare means Albee builds a dramatic structure that is reflexive (ie, act one does not achieve all its meanings until act two plays ... (3269 13 )

The Poems of TS Eliot... A reading of these poems shows that they have a dramatic structure and that this dramatic elements is very important in understanding the meaning of each poem. ... (803 3 )

Theatre and Drama... The Germans' preference for experimentation has the effect of reformulating ancient classical discourse of dramatic structure and definition to accommodate an ... (3224 13 )

George Bernard Shaw's Philosophical Comedies... the three plays in a German edition under the title Comedies of Science and Religion, and the plays share a common mood and a common dramatic structure as well ... (2046 8 )

Bertolt Brech's Galileo... The plan of the research will be to analyze the thematic and dramatic structure of the play with particular emphasis on its relationship to Brecht's politics. ... (3582 14 )


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