ancient chinese art

Many pottery objects were found near the region of Anyang. Over three-hundred graves existed there, ten of which where royal and larger in size. These graves contained bronze bells, turquoise, jade, small ornaments, and unidentified objects of pottery called the "Chia, Ku, and Chueh.aE It is believed that the "ChiaaE was a small storage container for wine. The wine would be held there and sometimes heated before serving. The "KuaE was a pottery container similar to the "ChiaaE but it was used for pouring of wine as a sacrifice, and the "ChuehaE was a wine glass which was made for holy occasions. This glass was made of bronze, for the Shang Dynasty existed during the Bronze Age. The other part of the Shang culture was the art of scribes who were hired by city officials. The scribes composed poetry and wrote inscriptions on oracle bones. The scribes either painted the writings with ink, or they engraved them. These inscriptions also were put in the graves of royal families. The inscriptions were made with over three thousand characters, and not all of them are yet deciphered. The writings are vertical, moving to the left and their content is yet a mystery. However, some of them are known to tell the future by answ



DEVELOPMENT OF CHINESE MARTIAL ARTS... Holcombe said "the quintessential Chinese martial art [was ... from India and adapted to the Chinese milieu. In ancient Hindu and pre-Buddhist India, warriors were ... (1452 6 )

The Bronze Age in Ancient China... was used exclusively for ceremonial and military uses, the ancient Chinese having believed ... bronze work during the Chou period was in decorative art, which was ... (1874 7 )

Personal Statement of Chinese Culture... Guanxi may be an ancient Chinese cultural norm, but it is especially relevant ... Bibliography: Buderi, Robert; Huang, Gregory T. Guanxi (The Art of Relationships ... (590 2 )

Leadership and Strategy of Sun Tzu... "Ancient Chinese advice for modern business strategists." SAM Advanced Management Journal 61.1 (1996): 38. Tzu, Sun. The Art of War. ... (1110 4 )

Sun Tzu as a Military Strategist... "Ancient Chinese advice for modern business strategists." SAM Advanced Management Journal 61.1 (1996): 38. Tzu, Sun. The Art of War. ... (1107 4 )

Military Strategy... Sun Tzu The ancient Chinese sage Sun Tzu lived sometime ... Chinese commentators after Sun Tzu stated that he believed ... devise stratagems, must learn the art of war ... (1340 5 )


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