april fools day

After centuries a small inaccuracy of the eleven and a half minutes per year ads up and by the sixteenth century the little but continuing minutes had put the Julian calendar behind the solar one 10 days. Under Cesar's rule some one would have been thrown to the lions for such an inadequacy.

An advancement of 10 days was no longer tolerant so pope Charles IX and new correction device to curb further error was Introduced, making century years of 1700 or 1800 wouldn't be counted as leap years unless they are divisible by 400. The new Gregorian calendar system is very precise and still used in the United States and systematically only errors 26 seconds per solar year a deficient of one day every 3323 years.

The wise and practical change by pope Charles was uninformed by many and ignored by some and protestant from those that wanted no change. And change for some was as late in 1918, Russia converted after there revolutionary war , Greece finally change in 1923.In contrast still many orthodox churches follow the Julian calendar to the day. Mean while the Julian calendar has a deficient of 13 days to date by the



The Paula Jones lawsuit... of special counsel Kenneth Starr. When clinton was told, he thought it was an April Fools Day joke. When the lawyers for Paula Jones ... (1234 5 )

Rear Admiral David Farragut... to Washington, buying himself another four day's futile-but ... At 2 am on April 24th, Farragut ordered ... storytellers apparently like some fighting fools, for none ... (3513 14 )

TOBACCO LEGISLATION This research paper summari... General, 3,000 teenagers start smoking every day and of ... their support for the bill in april, 1998 because ... industry has played the public for fools and trifled ... (5149 21 )

Rodney King Trial Reactions... residents of Los Angeles the night of April 29, 1992. ... more likely to resemble knaves and fools than tyrants ... Some latter-day Thoreaus may counter that the system ... (3076 12 )

Biblical Perspective on the Life Span... Lord is the beginning of knowledge: but fools despise wisdom ... thou hast driven me out this day from the ... Divorce." Journal of School Health, 54 (April 1984): 152 ... (3937 16 )

Biography of Mark Twain & Huckleberry Finn... and his wife before succumbing to death on April 21, 1910. ... believe, since he disappeared on the same day as, that ... Huck fools him by telling him he has been on ... (11182 45 )


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