A century hence

They declined, degrading themselves in their own eyes; they became ashamed of what was their own, they began to admire and praise whatever was foreign and incomprehensible."

But in the end, the Spaniard made a mistake. While the Filipino was down, the Spaniard kicked him and insulted him. The mortal blow turned out to be the reviving slap. The "indio" native discovered his pride in the abuse. Thrown to a rage, he recovered his honor and sense of purpose.

Even as he writes, Rizal says, the Filipino is in a state of rebellion against Spain, one that cannot be stopped or contained. Either the Spaniard gives way, or he will be swept away. "History does not record any enduring rule of one people over another, who belong to different races, with distinct usages and customs, with adverse or divergent ideals." Further on: "The advancement and moral progress of the Philippines is inevitable; it is fated."

If so, why are we now in the rut we're in, where material and moral progress is blocked at every turn, an



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