We real cool

The italicized introduction to the poem is "The Pool Players. Seven at the Golden Shovel.aE It is especially symbolic. Labeling them as Pool Players takes away from their individuality as people. The group is attached to the pool hall and therefore to the negative stigma of pool halls. The Golden Shovel is also no run of the mill shovel, and the seven pool players, who we by now have realized are on a quick path to an early destruction, hang out there and are just waiting to bury themselves. How ironic is the symbolism of being real cool and digging your own grave with a big golden shovel The pool hall, like the shovel, is the means by which the young players will bury themselves.

With only a limited number of words in the poem Brooks makes brilliant use of language. She does an excellent job of having the poem flow off of the tongue effortlessly and makes the poem very simple to read. The structure of the lines of the poem repeatedly begins with the action (predicate) of the sentence a

Some topics in this essay:
Golden Shovel, GinaEŁ Line, African Americans,


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